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Thursday, December 1, 2011

GiveAway By Fiqa

Click the banner above to join this GiveAway

Walaupun GiveAway ni mmg dalam BM tp sy lebih selesa gunakan BI. Harap Maaf la ye.. 

This GiveAway is for Malaysian bloggers only. So, if you're a Malaysia blogger, hurry up and join.

3 Lucky winner will be able to get
1 Specially designed doodle and 1 Header!!

Cool, right? All you really have to do to stand a chance to win is to 
  1. Make a blog entry on this contest. (which I am doing right now XD)
  2. Paste the contest banner at the top of the blog entry
  3. In the entry, tell her why you like doodles
  4. When you're done with that, just copy the url of your post and paste it in her comment box
Simple, huh? Then Join!!

Why I Like Doodles
(Sori , saya tulis dlm BI. Hrp entry sy masih diterima)

Why do I like doodles? I like doodles because with doodles you can never be wrong. There is no such thing as a wrong doodle. There is only "prettier doodles". Doodles can be of anything. It is not limited to only certain shapes. Even a simple collection of squiggly lines is considered a doodle. With doodles, our imagination can flow. There are no requirements for anything to be a doodle. People who doodle allow their imagination to flow. I believe that every doodle has a story behind it because the person who doodles will leak whatever they are feeling to their doodles. Weather it's a happy feeling or sad feeling, angry or frustrated. These are the stories that are behind one's doodle. 
And that is why I love doodling,


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