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Thursday, December 1, 2011

eqbalzack.com's 3rd Writing Contest

Click the banner above to find out more about this contest
There wasn't a banner for this contest so I used the website's header instead.. >.<"

Joel told me about this contest held by eqbalzack.com....
It seem really interesting.. a topic or picture will be given and you'll have to write an essay about it.. around 300 words or less.. 
I plan to join.. as soon as I can figure out what I should write because you see.. it's a kind of complicated picture...
If you're like me and prefer the english language over BM then you can join the english category.
and if you're more comfortable with the malay language then english then you can join the BM category...
This is what's so awesome about this competition. You can enter your essay in either of the two languages.

Time for the prizes... uuuuuuuu (claps hands)
I know everyone will be interested in this part...

Both the winners of the english and malay category will receive.....

Winner will get CASH RM100 + eqbalzack.com exclusive key chain

So, I hope you check it out.. You just have to check it out... And I hope to be competing with you soon...
Bye :P

TT: 11:59 PM, 25 December 2011

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