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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Mak Dara Fabulous Giveaway

Click this banner to know more about this Giveaway
To join this contest is simple.. All you have to do is 
  1. Make a blog entry about this giveaway and put int he banner above into the entry
  2. Follow her blog
  3. Give a creative movie name
  4. Leave your contest entry's URL in the comment box of her giveaway's post. 

And that is it :) Simple, right?

The movie name I thought of is
"Kehidupan tanpa Cinta"

Translation: "Life without Love"

and this is the proof of me following her blog :)

Hopefully, I'm lucky :P


  1. Tks for joining my giveaway contest.. I will announce the winner on the 8th Dis 2011.. All the best =)

  2. hye eyvon, feel free to follow kak sopis too...k ;)

  3. Mak Dara tengah pening mencari pemenang GA Mak Dara tu.. Nantikan keputusannya sebentar lagi ye =)


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