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Monday, December 12, 2011

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The picture above shows a picture of me and my toy penguin, Ponga.
These are the reasons why I love Ponga. :)
  1. My favorite animal are penguins because I think they are very romantic animals because penguins will be with only one mate in their entire lifetime.. wow... so loyal :')
  2. The way I found Ponga was special. I was looking through the entire store to buy something for my boyfriend and since he liked penguins too (like me XD), I decided to get something 'penguin-ish'. After I looked for ages and was just about to give up, I found this little guy. I actually told myself "okay, this will be the last box i check. If still nothing, I'm leaving". So, I think it was fate that I found Ponga before I gave up.
  3. I love how Ponga is so small that I can bring it everywhere I go. It's literally as big as my thumb. 
  4. Ponga is also my 'lucky charm'. I keep her in my pocket during exams. I know she may not be very lucky. But she makes me feel comfortable and safe while I'm taking exams.
  5. Now, this last one is why I love her the most. But it's kind of embarrassing to admit. Me and my boyfriend 'anggap'  Ponga as our baby?  >.<" Don't laugh!!

And that's it. 5 Reasons why I love my little adorable Ponga :P

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  1. Thanks for joining comel :D Comel Ponga awak tuh :D

  2. Thank u :) I love it so much <3


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