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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Contest I'm just beautiful ME By Aimie Diyanna

Nak join? Tekan banner atas.

Semua orang cantik, kan? Nobody is ugly. Everyone is beautiful in their own special way. 
So all you beautiful people out there, Come join Contest "I'm Just Beautiful me".

Here is the photo I wan to use to enter this Contest.
The picture above was taken in the year 2000. This picture is of me and my bestfriend, Jia Ying. We were 4 years old. Our parents had just bought us matching outfits and wanted us to take pictures of it. We spent the afternoon hugging each other, posing and just simply playing with the camera. I amd the one on the left on both pictures and she's on the right. I have known her ever since I was born. Now she has moved away but we are still bestfriends. See?

Our friendship is strong. This photo was taken in the year 2010.

Blog Aimie Diyanna

I like her blog very much because she is very open to her readers. She mentions almost everything to them. Even when a cute guy contacts hers. hehe... She isn't afraid to say what she believes and sometimes that gets some haters but I think she is very admirable because even though people call her "perasan" etc etc, it doesn't pull her down and she continues to believe how beautiful she is. The song played on her blog, "who says" by Selena Gomez is very suitable for her because people have done just that to her but she doesn't let that get her upset. Aimie Diyanna, I support you!! Gambatte!!


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