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Saturday, December 10, 2011


These are the prizes... I just copied and pasted it from her blog
  • FIRST PRIZE : RM 150 wang malaysia , A korean handbag < purple > , A korean jacket ,A  pashima shawl   <black > and Top up RM 30 (Maxis,Digi,Celcom)
  • SECOND PRIZE : RM 50  ,  A korean handbag <purple> Top up RM 30 (Maxis,Digi,Celcom)
  • THIRD PRIZE : RM 50 wang Malaysia and RM 10 TOPUP (Maxis,Digi, Celcom)
  • Kalau tak nak top up . Sha Boleh Edit blog korang . Nak Edit Blog cume boleh pakai [denim , washed danim dan blogskin]
  • SAGU HATI (2 PEMENANG) :  header and Jam tangan Jenama guess  . (Based on your request).


Tarikh Tutup: 1 Jan 2012

I'm tagging my little sister, Celine and my bestie, Joel!!

There's no limit to the number og blogs I would like to enter into this contest...

So I want to submit both

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